The time just slips by. Below is an archive of notable news and events at Four Nine Design.



December 2019
Weird Window Brand Identity

The founders of the Weird Window Brewing Company came to Four Nine looking for assistance with a brand name, a logo and a website we did what we do best… we analyzed the market, proposed ideas and worked with the client to develop a brand identity that stands out in this crowded marketplace.

We needed an organic, iconic, Vermont concept - hence the "Witch Windows" theme. The logo features a stylized roof-line with a "Witch Window" angled at 45 degrees — an Vermont architectural feature dating back centuries.

October 2019
Little Bottle Label Suite

Founded by a Vermont based husband and wife team, Little Bottle came to us with a dream in one hand and a logo in the other and asked us to create a labeling suite for their line-up of decadent spices.

Within a vast sea of spices on the grocery store rack it’s not easy to stand out. We made sure to craft a label design that would garner the attention Little Bottle deserves by focusing the design on the product's quality and flavor. Playing off the spice colors, the thickness of the glass bottles and the rustic spoon logo, we developed a master label and 3 additional label breakouts that will be sure to catch your eye on the shelf.

August 2019
FFF Website

To commemorate 8 decades of work, the FFF team tasked Four Nine with delivering a website design and build that would rival the likes of their work.

Following an internal leadership meeting custom tailored to identify exactly how FFF wanted to present their brand, we reviewed a number of comparable sites and agencies throughout the Northeast, developed a content architecture that would communicate the key elements of the FFF brand, profiled their work with large format imagery and provided a curated view of their 80 year history.

March 2019
Posters, Posters and Even More Posters!

We've compiled a collection of posters from the last 13 years. We've had the opportunity to design and illustrate quite a few - this isn't all of them, but some of our favorites.

Posters are a great way to brand an event, complement a product in-store, or just reinforce company branding.

We specialize in creative, eye catching point of sale materials that help tell our client's story. Contact us to discuss your company or event branding.

December, 2018
Okemo Mt. Resort Case Study

We are so pleased to showcase the marketing and design work we recently completed for Okemo Mt. Resort.

Tasked with creating a new look and feel for the winter 2018/19 campaign, Four Nine was brought in to lead key resort staff and ownership through a series of brand exploration workshops, consumer message testing and creative direction development. Following a comprehensive brand immersion and discovery we refined and developed the resorts marketing and advertising campaign with a fresh, bright, modern family direction.

December, 2018
J Skis Drops New Skis

We just updated our J Skis case study with the ski graphics and apparel we designed for this season. Fresh collaborations, original designs and ancient artwork fill the winter 2018/2019 line-up.

Since 2013 J Skis has been on a mission to redefine the ski industry and we are excited to be part of that journey. J builds small quantities of limited edition skis, and hand signs and numbers each pair. The company’s innovative nature, fueled by their love for the sport has made them a top of the line ski manufacturer known for mind blowing graphics and a carefree perspective on the sport.

July, 2018
Renoun launches the Citadel

Congratulations to our friends at Renoun on yet another revolutionary product launch and their first ever Powder Magazine Skier’s Choice award.

With twice the amount of HDT than any other model, the Citadel is the lightest ski in Renoun's line and guarantees an unmatched level of performance, stability and adaptability in every condition. Four Nine helped with the product launch and marketing by designing the product graphics and revamping the website and online store to highlight the new ski.

June, 2018
Volanksy Studio launches a new website

Congratulations to our friends at Volanksy Studio on the launch of their new website.

Tasked with creating a new look and feel for the studio, we focused on a design that compliments the firm's innovative architecture, attention to detail and beautiful portfolio. We're proud to introduce the new face of Volanksy Studio online.

March, 2018
Take part and give back

The Four Nine Design team believes strongly in supporting our local community. To that end, we have started our ongoing Art Cares Project which will include multiple installments of limited edition posters. Each installment will focus on a different theme and proceeds will support a local nonprofit organization.

Our first installment - "Celebrate Diversity" focuses on and celebrates the diverse city that is Burlington, VT, with all proceeds to benefit the King St. Center.

January, 2018
J Skis case study

Since 2013 J Skis has been on a mission to redefine the ski industry and we're excited to be part of that journey.

The company’s innovative nature, fueled by their love for the sport has made them a top tier ski manufacturer known for mind blowing graphics and a carefree perspective on the sport. We’re stoked to work year round with J and his crew of mad ski scientists in developing unique art that slides on snow.

November, 2017
Four Nine Design is proud to announce the completion of the RENOUN website redesign and build

Tasked with creating a brand new look, feel and vibe to compliment RENOUN's innovative breakthrough in ski technology and its focus on product development through superior engineering we’re stoked to introduce the new face of RENOUN and we wish Cyrus and the team the best of luck this winter.

June, 2017
Vermont Real Estate Co. opens it doors

Congratulations to our friends at Vermont Real Estate Co. on their successful brand launch.

Vermont Real Estate Company is a full service real estate agency who proudly represents buyers and sellers throughout Northwestern Vermont. We developed the brand materials necessary to position the company in a light that reflects the professionalism and experience of the owners.

March, 2017
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December, 2016
The Alpinist opens its doors

The landscape of the Vermont ski industry has undergone a major change this month. With Vail’s recent purchase of Stowe Mountain Resort, the local ski / snowboard community is whirling with discussion. Some love it, some not so much.

One thing we know is that the face of Stowe and its newly renovated Spruce Peak Village is changing before our eyes. From the new Stowe Mountain Club, to the skating rink and now the opening of the Alpinist retail store there are even more reasons to visit Stowe than ever before. Have a look at the retail branding we created for the Alpinist and stop in.

November, 2016
Congratulations to Dealer Policy on their brand launch

Did you know the average person goes 12+ years without evaluating or comparing insurance rates and polices? We get it, insurance can be daunting and something you just want to put on cruise control and forget about. But whether you know it or not, there’s something better out there for you.

Thanks to our client DealerPolicy, purchasing insurance just got a whole lot simpler. Check out the branding and website we helped them develop, give them a call, compare quotes from multiple carriers, save money and get the perfect policy for you.

October, 2016
Vew-Do Balance Board celebrates 25 Years

Vew-Do has a passion for balance training and they’ve been pioneering new training methods for over 25 years. When they called us to create a new brand video we jumped at the opportunity. Brew started this company back when MTV played real videos and snowboarding was still a relatively new sport. A lot has changed in the world since then but Vew-Do's passion for improving your balance has not waived.

Check out the 25 year video we produced and 6 supporting product videos.

August, 2016
Long Trail SMaSH Project 4

If brewing quality beers was like baseball, Long Trail's SMaSH project is rounding 3rd and headed for home with the 4th installment of its minimalist take on craft brews.

The idea behind the SMaSH craze is to break brewing down to its basic elements and emphasize the flavor of a single malt and single hop variety. We’ve been a fan of Long Trail for years and are stoked to continue developing can labeling for their revolutionary brews.

June, 2016
Mooovin’ On Uuuup!

We’ve moved. Stop in and check out the new digs. And update your contact info while you’re at it. Four Nine Design is now located ground level and at 106 Main St in beautiful Burlington, VT.

Our summer celebration series "Four Nine Fridays" in our courtyard is set to kick off soon. Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll keep you posted.

May, 2016
Four Nine taps into summer with SMaSH Project 3

Long Trail Brewing Co. has been blazing the trail for Vermont’s craft brew industry since 1989. With some of the tastiest mountain brews this side of the Mississippi we jumped at the opportunity to put our stamp on what we consider to be one of the best beers around.

Constantly pushing the limits, Long Trail Brewing Co. launched its SMaSH – Single Malt, Single Hops limited line up a few years back and with old man winter laying low this year Long Trail gave us a ring to get a jump start on spring with a request to create a fresh new look for it’s SMaSH Project 3 limited edition can.

April, 2016
Happy 10th Birthday Four Nine Design

What started as a partnership in ‘06 built on two equal shares of 49% + 2 shares left to hard work and a little bit of luck, Four Nine Design has grown from a two man studio to a full service marketing & creative agency with a client base as diverse as our staff.

From our first client to everyone in between, we thank you all for allowing us the opportunity to support your cause and we look forward to another decade of creativity, success and helping your brand Differentiate by Design.

March, 2016
Runamok Maple — taking syrup to a whole new level

So sweet, so savory — and so ready for something new. Until now you thought you knew all you needed to know about maple syrup. Sweet, sticky, delicious on pancakes. Thanks to the founders at Runamok Maple they’re taking syrup to uncharted territory with a line of flavor infused syrups.

Helping Runamok design a new labeling suite was, well — SWEET. Pun intended based on the amount of syrup we “sampled” for design inspiration

February, 2016
Ben Cohen calls on Four Nine to help stoke the Bern

Ben Cohen, co founder of Ben & Jerry’s has been a big fan of Bernie Sanders for quite some time. We’ve helped Ben with some of his public interest projects over the years and when he called on Four Nine to create the packaging design for a pint of Ben’s Best ice cream named “Bernie’s Yearning” - we had a pretty good idea what Ben was cooking up.

From late night with Fallon and Colbert to an afternoon chat with the ladies of The View, all the way to a spoon held by the man himself, this limited edition fundraising flavor has made the rounds across just about every major news outlet in the US.

January, 2016
Stowe Mountain Club asks Four Nine to ring the bell

Stowe Mountain Resort has a cache that rivals the likes of Sun Valley, Deer Valley and Squaw Valley. On the east coast there’s no place like Stowe and with the introduction of its freshly christened Stowe Mountain Club, a members only mountain lodge, a new level of luxury has nestled itself atop Spruce Peak.

With a clubhouse designed to speak to outdoor enthusiasts and evoke a sense of being at home in the mountains the Stowe Mountain Club asked Four Nine to develop and custom logo and brand identity package that would encapsulate a sense of Vermont sophistication that its members would identify with as a symbol that welcomes them to their home in the mountains.